Simulator Training

Our EASA Certified Level D Full Flight Simulator is located at the Daleville Training Center in Alabama. It is the finest Mi-17 simulator in the world today, and is equipped with many different databases to train your crews for any eventuality.

All of the courses listed in the Ground School section make extensive use of simulator missions to reinforce learning and to train proficient Mi-17 aircrew. We invite you to schedule blocks of hours in the simulator to train to your individual scenarios, thus reducing blade time and cost to your organization.

Concord XXI USA is the only Mi-17 training school in the world that offers Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT.) This training is relied upon by airline and charter crews the world over for safety-oriented operations, and for the first time, Mi-17 operators now have the ability to introduce LOFT training to their organizations.

Please view the Gallery to see the sim in action, and to view screen shots of the various databases. Call 001.334.598.6417 to receive further information, or to schedule training time.

Please contact us for a current quotation for the training, and visit the Gallery to see pictures of hotel accommodations while in training.