Concord XXI USA is always looking for experienced Mi-17 instructor Pilots, Flight Engineers, and Maintenance Technicians. Please e-mail your resume and cover letter to [email protected]


Location: Daleville Alabama

Job Description: Instructor Pilot
Concord XXI USA, is seeking an experienced Mi-17 series helicopter instructor pilot to conduct simulator and ground instruction on a wide variety of systems operations and flight regimes.

• Acts as flight instructor during all phases of flight to include normal operation, expanded checklist operations, emergency procedures, and instrument flight.
• Teaches ground academics on all related helicopter systems
• Instrument rating is required
• Fluent Spanish speaking is required
• Crew resource management (CRM) instructor is a plus

Special assignments or tasks assigned to the employee by their supervisor, may include syllabus writing, completion of training reports, examination paper work and or other administrative tasks associated with flight instruction to meet customer requirements.

• A minimum of 250 hours in type aircraft with appropriate type ratings
• 1500 hours total flight time

• Ability to effectively communicate with others, both written and verbal communication, advanced reading and writing skills, with the ability to perform complex mathematical calculations.

Job conditions require standing, walking, sitting, twisting, stooping, crouching, kneeling, talking or hearing, making visual inspections, making precise hand and finger movements, reaching or grasping, lifting and/or carrying up to 50lbs, pushing and/or pulling up to 50lbs, climbing up to 15ft.