Facilities Concord XXI USA

Concord XXI USA operates a 12,000 square foot facility in Daleville, Alabama, between Dothan and Enterprise. Located in the heart of US military helicopter training country, the training center consists of our state-of-the-art training philosophy coupled with the finest training aids available anywhere. Visitors are always welcome. Please call or email for a tour!

Our training complex has been developed over the last 9 years to mirror western training practices. All equipment and study materials can be labeled and taught in Russian, English, Spanish or Dari languages. The system meets or exceeds all OEM specifications for training aircrew and maintenance technicians on the Mi-17 series helicopter. Our curriculum is certified by the United States Air Force, and we match the US Army’s instruction methods and requirements for rotary wing training as well.

Our maintenance and flight instructors are FAA certified.

The Daleville Training Center incorporates:

1. Computer based training. Hundreds of pages of full color, animated flight manual supplements, ground school, and specialty courses (aviation weather, mountain flying, helicopter aerodynamics, etc.)

The course syllabus is presented in chapter format with self-paced learning and exams at the completion of each section. The course is continuously updated with factory bulletins and lessons learned from users in the field.

2. Full color, wall-hanging sized systems illustrations.
Large (approximately 4′ X 8′) wall-mounted helicopter systems descriptions in full color and intricately detailed.

Each illustration has system components labeled in English and Russian, to facilitate part identification by part number.

Three dimensional helicopter cut-away view.
Helicopter performance characteristics.
Engine performance characteristics.
TV3-117VMA section.
AI-9V APU section.
Engine start system schematic.
AC power system schematic.
DC power system schematic.
Cabin (military configuration.)
Landing gear.
VR-14 main gear box.
Tail rotor hub/swash plate.

3. Systems schematics boards. These are 4′ X 8′ boards, mounted on rollers, depicting each system schematically, with actual control panels and switches mounted for functional instruction.

Electrically operated, each system can be manipulated by the actual switches and/or controls found on the helicopter.
Lighted pathways depict fluid flow, pressure buildup, or electrical connectivity to graphically illustrate all modes of helicopter systems operation. Malfunctions are faithfully replicated.

The systems depicted include the following:

Heating and ventilation system.
Landing gear.
Fire protection system.
Fuel system.
Hydraulic system, including ramp & door operation.
Pneumatic system.
Anti-icing system.
Flight control system.

4. Major components. Engine, APU, main gear box, swash plate, main rotor hub, nose and main landing gear, intermediate gearbox, tail rotor hub and blade, and a unique tail rotor control cable tension adjustment training aid are supplied for hands-on instruction of helicopter systems.

These actual OEM components have been refurbished and specially painted and are accompanied by full-color diagrams for extra instructional capability. They allow students to make all adjustments and calibration as on the actual items.

5. A full motion simulator with EASA Level D certification, and a Cockpit Procedures Simulator (CPT). The CPT is fully automated and allows practice of all normal and abnormal checklists and all 124 failure modes.

The full motion dome-visuals simulator is equipped with an Afghan database, as well as a maritime, central European and Alabama database. The Full Flight Simulator allows practice of all maneuvers, including brownouts, IMC conditions, shipboard landings, night flying and instrument flight training.

It is without question the most advanced, lifelike Mi-17 simulator on the market today. In addition, Concord XXI USA has applied for FAA approval to conduct Mi-17 type rating in accordance with the Experimental Aircraft Authorization program.